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Many functions and requirements are demanded of mask OEM and it is the general practice to realize the customers’plan in regards to price, quality, function, delivery schedule, and so on. But at Shirohato, we proactively propose these elements plus added value, as our strength is creating better products.
In order to meet our customers’requests regarding function and design to the maximum extent possible, we leverage creativity and ingenuity on a daily basis. This is exemplified by our original equipment and developed material designed solely by Shirohato.
One of our strengths is that our manufacturing site and planning/sales team are located under the one roof. This means that we can investigate and verify issues swiftly in the field. Another strength is our rich know-how backed by a long track record as an OEM for small retail stores such as pharmaceutics manufacturers, drug stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and home centers.
We wish to capitalize on our strengths to be a good partner to your company by manufacturing masks of high-added-value, high quality and high functionality.
A key part of making reliable products is confirming the customers’needs and requests.
At Shirohato, our OEM fabrication begins with a detailed discussion with our customers.We confirm requests such as where, how and when the customer wishes to sell masks, detailed specifications (size, color, antibacterial performance, odor-free, shape, etc.), filter requests (airborne viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, pollen dust) and package requests.

Shirohato is capable of manufacturing both in Japan and overseas. Due to owning our own factories, we can respond to orders with speed. We design the optimal plan regarding the most suitable factory to assemble materials in so as to meet our customers’requirements relating to specification, price and delivery time.
Study the materials appropriate for the environment of use.
Shirohato manufactures two types of masks; non-woven and gauze, and these can be made with fabric of different densities or given additional functions.

By incorporating naturally-derived ingredients and chemical resins into masks, we can develop materials with characteristics such as antivirus, anti-bacterial, odor-free, moisturizing and UV protection and design measures to fight particulates, such as filters with enhanced ability to collect airborne viruses, etc.

Moreover, if our customer places emphasis on design, we consider the usage of color fabric, printed fabric, etc, to decide which fabric is the best for the mask exterior and which is best for the portion around the mouth to suit the concept, as well as adjust the thickness of the rubber band used to fix the mask to the ears. We can also combine fabrics and filters developed by our customers.
Finalize specifications to suit requests and create a sample.
After the direction for the product has been determined, we create a sample. To the maximum extent possible, samples are made on the equipment that will be used for the actual product with the actual raw materials.

This is the step where the planned content takes shape for the first time as a mask. Here, we adjust any gaps between the envisioned mask and the actual one and revise materials, design, etc. Even in manufacturing, we confirm issues through this sample creation process and made the necessary adjustments to achieve stable production when the mass production phase is entered.
Quotes covering everything from manufacturing to inspection and packaging.
If the customer approves of the prepared sample, we present a quotation. Our quotes cover not only the mask itself, but also inspection and packaging.

It is at this point in time that we ask our customers to provide a brief specification sheet, lead time table, etc. therefore customers can confirm not only price, but whether or not our delivery schedule is satisfactory.
Receive official purchase order and proceed to manufacturing.
If the conditions of sample, price, lead time and so on meet the customers’expectations, the next step is that we receive a purchase order.

First we order the raw materials and parts. At the same time, we establish a plan for equipment and personnel in preparation for production. In the case of manufacturing high-added-value masks overseas, we also plan elements such as procurement/export/manufacturing of raw materials and confirmation/importing, etc. of shipping samples at this step and assemble products to meet our customers’desired deadline.
Various processing and sewing technologies represented by ultrasonic welding technology.
Shirohato is constantly looking for ways to speed up delivery and maintain quality. In order to offer highly-unique products, we use exclusive equipment designed in-house.

Quality control based on independent inspection criteria.
Ensuring even greater thoroughness with inspections using a Filter Efficiency Testing Apparatus.
Generally-speaking, masks fall into the genre of “miscellaneous goods,” therefore no particular approval is required for their manufacture and there are no special rules applied at the factories. However, Shirohato has obtained approval in the form of a license to manufacture medical equipment and produces masks under stringent control measures equivalent to those applied to medical equipment.

We even set more stringent standards than other industry players in regards to the clothes worn by our workers, who manufacture products in work uniforms compliant with HACCP for food at an exceptionally-high safety level.

Using ultrasonic welding, we manufacture over 100 masks a minute and it is difficult to inspect all of these. As such, Shirohato has established inspection standards based on our experience to date and inspects and records by individual process.

In concrete terms, we inspect all incoming shipments of raw materials and parts upon arrival, and only accept those which pass. We offer our customers reassurance that, even in the unlikely scenario that quality defects do occur, we have a control system in place which enables us to immediately detect these. Also, for the sake of safe and impartial quality assurance in terms of data management (e.g. collection rate), we make sure we have a third-party public institution inspect all of our products.
Automatic packaging in a clean environment
Shirohato’s greatest strengths lie in the inspection and packaging processes. Using automatic packaging machines developed specifically for this purpose, we are able to package products safely, securely and swiftly. Non-woven masks are produced in high volume on our proprietary equipment developed by Shirohato in-house, therefore essentially it is difficult to inspect each and every mask. As such, we determine inspection items, frequency and so on based on previous results and experience and operate an inspection control system based on this know-how.

In general, packaging is a process handled with human-wave tactics, but at Shirohato, we have taken our customers’ request of “can you package products faster, at reduced cost and hygienically?” seriously by developing our own original automatic packaging machines.

The first step is the visual inspection of all masks for dirt, foreign body contamination and so on, which is followed by impressing the manufacturing lot stamp, mask insertion, seal crimping, foreign body inspection with a metal detector and confirmation of quantity with a weight checker.

Through using this original equipment, Shirohato can produce and deliver masks manufactured both in Japan and overseas in a timely fashion to meet demand in the busy periods of autumn, winter and early spring.
Where are masks made?
Both gauze masks and non-woven masks can be manufactured in either Japan or China.
Do you offer packaging too?
We can prepare individual pillow packaging and patterned bag packaging in both Japan and China.
I don’t know what to do as this is my first experience with such a product…
Please tell us your requests so we can supervise all manufacturing processes until the finished product and provide you with a worry-free experience.
Can you produce novelty masks?
This is possible, but there are some limitations relating to production lot.
Can you also produce masks for industrial use?
Yes, we can.
What is the approximate lead time?
This does depend on the individual project, quantity and timing, but the approximate for both domestic/overseas-based manufacturing is 90 days.