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Who is Shirohato?
Shirohato is the first company in Japan to sell masks to the general public. We engage in the manufacture and sale of various masks, as well as apparel manufacturing.
What are masks?
Masks are a necessity to suppress the scattering of droplets and prevent intrusion of virus droplets, pollen and particles such as PM2.5.
What types of masks are there?
The types of mask we make include the gauze type, non-woven pleat type, non-woven 3-dimensional type and dust-proof type.
The main categories are general sale, medical and industrial.
What kind of masks can you make?
We have manufacturing lines for gauze type, non-woven pleat type and non-woven 3-dimensional type masks. We don’t manufacture dust-proof type.
Where are the masks made?
Our Japanese manufacturing bases are located in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture and Morioka city, Iwate prefecture. We also have an overseas manufacturing base in China.
What functions can the masks be given?
Functions that can be given to masks include antibacterial, deodorizing, collection rate higher than PFE99%, and a shape with less air leakage than general masks.
Do you have in-house products?
We have various varieties of the non-woven mask, including anti-PM2.5 and high-functionality products. We do not have inventory by the container, therefore lead-time is necessary for large-volume orders.
Can you respond to both OEM and ODM?
We can propose products to suit our customers’ needs and we can also transform your ideas into products.
What is the procedure for ODM?
We will listen to our customer’s concept, then propose material, shape and a development schedule to suit. First, please provide us with as much information as possible, such as your desired sales target (business? general use? country?) and the functions you’d like the masks to have (anti-PM2.5? anti-viral? yellow sand resistant?)
Can you use designated materials?
We can use supplied materials if they are suitable for the mask manufacturing.
Is it possible to print on the masks?
While it does depend on the specific production lot, it is possible for us to print on masks. The printing of a design overall is possible, however one-point printing in a designated area is not.
Can you do packaging too?
We have our own special-purpose packaging machines, therefore we can respond to various needs, such as putting a set number of masks in one bag, packaging in cartons, etc.
What is the minimal order?
Around 300,000 masks.
How long is the lead-time?
As an example, an order of 1 million masks would take around 4 months from finalization of the mask specifications and package design.
What is the cost?
The cost differs significantly depending on factors such as whether the mask is made in Japan or in China, whether inexpensive materials are used or high-added-value materials are used, etc. We will make a proposal to suit your budget.
Do you do overseas transactions?
Essentially, we only hand over products at domestic ports.
What is the container load capacity?
If a 20-foot container is loaded with masks, around 700,000 masks will fit, although this does depend on mask specifications.
Can I propose materials?
We do a lot of OEM business, therefore it may not lead to purchase immediately, but please let us know if you have a good proposal.
Can you make PITTA MASK?
Unfortunately we cannot sell PITTA MASK. However, we can introduce a dealer.
We make masks in China. Can you buy them?
Our supply framework overseas currently meets our requirements, therefore we do not feel a need to take on new suppliers at this point in time.
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